Science (and more) crossword Teach article

Here’s another scientific crossword puzzle to help keep your students busy – and perhaps even a little entertained.

The clues in this crossword are focused on physical science, but watch out for a few words that aren’t strictly scientific and are drawn from more general knowledge.

You can download the puzzle as a file to send to students from the additional materials section, where you’ll also find the solution.

science crossword grid



1. The change from liquid to vapour (11)

6. A diode that emits light (initials) (1,1,1)

8. Number of protos in an oxygen atom (5)

9. A continuous path for an electric current (7)

11. You do this to acquire a store of personal energy (3)

12. The direction in which a compass points (5)

15. Deposits of sodium chloride in the earth (4,4)

16. Relating to heat (7)

18. Country bordered by Kenya, Sudan and Somalia (8)

20. Use these to attach items to laboratory stands (6)

22. The liquid that passes through the filter paper (8)

23. Set fire to (6)

24. Tear or shred (3)

25. Symbol for element 14 (2)

26. The Earth’s main source of energy (3)

27. Small blood-sucking flies (5)

28. Very large closed container for the storage of grain etc. (4)

29. A baked dish with a pastry top (3)

31. It’s defined as the ability to do work (6)

33. The longest river in Ireland (7)


1. Substance containing only one kind of atom (7)

2. One of the noble gases (5)

3. This shell contains the electrons that can be lost or shared (5)

4. An organic compound containing an –OH group, sometimes used in thermometers (7)

5. The reaction of an acid with an alkali (14)

6. Hidden, as is the heat energy in steam (6)

7. The process of boiling and recondensing to separate or purify (12)

13. Use this to row a boat (3)

14. Electrons do this to form ionic bonds (8)

17. Collective name for any Group 7 element (7)

19. Force per unit area (8)

18. The masking of one astronomical body by another

21. Make slightly damp (7)

25. A simple toboggan or sledge (4)

27. One of the states of matter (3)

29. Symbol for a radioactive element discovered by Marie Curie (2)

30. Symbol for element 49 (2)

32. Symbol for element 70 (2)


Randal Henly is a retired science teacher, author of school science textbooks, retired editor of science and music magazines, presenter of science road shows, and a church organist.