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Teaching activities

How water travels up trees

By Clare van der Willigen


Why do giant redwoods grow so tall and then stop? It all has to do with how high water can travel up their branches.

Become a water quality analyst

By Sarah Al-Benna


Industrial activities and even geological changes can affect the quality of water, causing contamination that poses risks to human health and the environment. Learn how to become an independent analyst to ensure that we have good-quality water.

Using biological databases to teach evolution and biochemistry

By Germán Tenorio


Online tools can be used to compare the sequences of proteins and understand how different organisms have evolved.

Light refraction in primary education: the solar bottle bulb

By Claas Wegner, Stephanie Ohlberger


More than 10 years ago, a very clever and inventive inhabitant from a favela discovered he could produce light without electricity. Now solar bulbs are spreading all over the world.

Simulating the effect of the solar wind

By Theodoros Pierratos, Paraskevi Tsakmaki and Christos Papageorgiou


The smooth operation of communications satellites can be influenced by solar weather. Mimic this effect on a smaller scale in the classroom with a simple demonstration.

Ο τρόπος του δράκου: χημεία για τα μικρά παιδιά

Της Anna Gunnarsson


Στην Σουηδία ζει ένας μικρός πράσινος δράκος που λέγεται Μπέρτα και προσκαλεί μικρά παιδιά να την συνοδεύσουν στις περιπέτειές της στην Χώρα των Δράκων – όλες αυτές έχουν σχέση με την χημεία.

Zaglądanie w ciemność – modelowanie czarnych dziur w szkole podstawowej

Monica Turner


Trudno ci objaśnić uczniom istotę czarnych dziur? Wypróbuj opisane tutaj ćwiczenia.

Curioseando en la oscuridad: modelando agujeros negros en la escuela primaria

Por Monica Turner


¿Dificultades para explicar los agujeros a tus estudiantes? ¿Por qué no intentar estas sencillas actividades en clase?

Fundamente pentru ora de clasă: măsurarea constantei lui Planck

de Maria Rute de Amorim e Sá Ferreira André and Paulo Sérgio de Brito André


Aducem descoperirea ştiinţifică în ora de clasă şi arătăm elevilor cum să evalueze constanta lui Planck folosind echipamente de laborator simple.

El método del dragón: química para los más jóvenes

Por Anna Gunnarsson


En Suecia vive un pequeña dragona verde llamada Berta, que invita a los niños pequeños a unirse a sus aventuras en la Tierra de los Dragones – todas relacionadas con química.

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