Kleine botanische Experimente, By Hilke Steinecke and Imme Meyer Inspire article

The book, written in German, describes a great variety of experiments using plants. The experiments are at different levels of difficulty and often explain everyday observations. The chapter titles focus on certain parts of plants and provide detailed information on plant physiology. The required…

For any age and any level, this is a very good source of experiments for biology, natural phenomena, physics, chemistry or biotechnology. It could be used at home, on field trips or in the classroom. Teachers are, of course, good at using materials like this to tailor worksheets.

Unfortunately, in contrast to the complete and detailed descriptions in the book, the drawings are unhelpful. Furthermore, the book would be greatly improved if the useful chapter titles were complemented with graphic information on characteristic features, such as flowers and their different shapes.

Kleine botanische Experimente addresses a very neglected area – plants as producers, as models for technical projects, and as the source of life on Earth. This book belongs in the library of every (German-speaking) school.


Publisher: Verlag Harri Deutsch
Publication year: 2005
ISBN: 3817116977




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