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  • Welcome to the second issue of Science in School
    Since the publication of the first issue, we have received a lot of enthusiastic feedback from our readers. Science teachers from across Europe particularly liked our innovative teaching ideas, accessible science coverage, interdisciplinary topics and European approach. And these are features that we intend to continue to offer.

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Feature article: Susan Greenfield and Martin Westwell

Cutting-edge science

Teaching activities

Projects in science education

Science topics

  • Forensic entomology
    Are you a biologist with a mission? Do you want to fight crime with science? Martin Hall and Amoret Brandt from The Natural History Museum in London, UK, introduce the fascinating (and smelly) field of forensic entomology.
    Read (English, Portuguese, Spanish) | PDF [212 KB]

  • Symmetry rules
    Everyone knows what symmetry is. In this article, though, Mario Livio from the Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, USA, explains how not only shapes, but also laws of nature, can be symmetrical.
    Read (English, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish) | PDF [216 KB]

  • Chocolate’s chemical charm
    Dhara Thakerar, a second-year student of natural sciences at Cambridge University, UK, elucidates the science of chocolate.
    Read (English, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese) | PDF [200 KB]

  • Epigenetics
    We tend to think of our genetic information as being encoded in DNA – in our genes. Brona McVittie from Epigenome NoE, UK, describes why this is only part of the story.
    Read (English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese) | PDF [184 KB]

Spotlight on education

Scientist profile

  • A search for the origins of the brain
    Detlev Arendt, a molecular biologist at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany, describes to Russ Hodge how his cutting-edge research is following in the footsteps of a 19th-century scientist.
    Read (English, Bulgarian) | PDF [264 KB]

Teacher profile

  • A zoologist at school: my pupils and other animals
    Silvia Boi, a science teacher from Italy, explains how her fascination with science led her to study ant behaviour, worm reproduction and the human genome – and how she now tries to awaken that fascination in her pupils, using somewhat unusual techniques.
    Read (English, Bulgarian) | PDF [128 KB]

Science in film


Resources on the web

  • Free science journals
    Are you looking for a good article to use in a lesson? Or do you just want to browse a science journal or two for inspiration? Here is a selection of free online science journals and some useful tools for tracking down the books, articles and journals you need.
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