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| Issue 63

Practical ocean literacy for all: Earth science

Wherever we live, we affect and are affected by the ocean. Track down escaped rubber ducks, raise mountains, and feel the Sun’s heat to learn more.

Ages: 11-14, 14-16;
Topics: Earth science, Science and society, Sustainability

| Issue 55

The dark side of fireworks

Fireworks release more than just sound and light. Read about the environmental costs of this centuries-old entertainment.

Ages: 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Chemistry, Earth science, Science and society, Sustainability

| Issue 49

Finding the recipe for life on Earth

Three key factors were required for life to develop on Earth – but which factor came first? Recent research could help settle the debate.

Ages: 11-14, 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Biology, Chemistry, Earth science

| Issue 43

Ten things you might not know about fracking

Fracking is a hugely controversial technology, so it’s worth taking a closer look at the science behind the headlines.

Ages: 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Earth science, Engineering, Science and society