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Spinal cord injury: do stem cells have the answer?

By Andrew Brown


Spinal cord injury typically causes permanent paralysis and is currently a condition without a cure. Could stem cell therapy provide hope?

The genetics of obesity: a lab activity

By Sarah McLusky, Rosina Malagrida and Lorena Valverde


Around 1.5 billion people worldwide are overweight or obese. Are we just eating too much or can we blame our genes? Here’s how to investigate the genetics of obesity in the classroom.

Der weiße Kontinent als Sprungbrett zum roten Planeten

By Oli Usher


Bevor Wissenschaftler der Europäischen Weltraumorganisation eine Mission zum Mars planen, müssen sie zunächst in die Antarktis reisen.

Intersexo: caindo fora da norma

By Nina Notman


Sexo masculino ou feminino? Quais são as questões que rodeiam crianças para quem a resposta não é clara? Os investigadores Eric Vilain e Melissa Hines esperam obter algumas das respostas.

Intersex: außerhalb der Norm

By Nina Notman


Mann oder Frau? Um welche Themen geht es bei Kindern, bei denen die Antwort nicht klar ist? Die Forscher Eric Vilain und Melissa Hines hoffen, ein paar Antworten geben zu können.

Na kole: jak svaly reagují na cvičení

Podle Maléne Lindholm a Susanna Wallman Appel


Všichni víme, že cvičení zlepšuje kondici a činí nás zdravějšími-ale jaké změny se dějí v našich buňkách, aby k tomu došlo?

Έκρηξη Χρωμοσωμάτων: πώς ξεκινάει ο καρκίνος

Από την Sonia Furtado Neves (Σόνια Φουρτάδο Νέβες), EMBL


Οι όγκοι στον εγκέφαλο είναι μία από τις πιο συχνές αιτίες θανάτου στα παιδιά - και μπορεί να αρχίσει όταν τα χρωμοσώματα σχίζονται κατά την κυτταρική διαίρεση.

The changing face of orthodontics

By Sophie and Georges Rozencweig


Many of us have had our teeth straightened with braces. Few people know, however, that orthodontics involves a great deal of fundamental science and fast-moving technology.

Sloppy fishing: why meiosis goes wrong

By Sonia Furtado Neves, EMBL


Why does meiosis so often go wrong? And what are the consequences?

Cool and hot science for a bright future


Science in School is published by EIROforum, a collaboration between eight of Europe’s largest inter-governmental scientific research organisations. This article reviews some of the latest news from the EIROforum members (EIROs).

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