Issue 44


Editorial issue 44

The school year is gradually drawing to a close. Teachers across Europe may soon breathe a sigh of relief as they close their classroom doors for the summer holiday, hopefully leaving the stress of a challenging term behind them.


Transporting antimatter, attosecond X-ray science and 3D insights into avian evolution

Science in School is published by EIROforum, a collaboration between eight of Europe’s largest inter-governmental scientific research organisations (EIROs). This article reviews some of the latest news from the EIROs.

Evolution in action: from genetic change to new species

How do new species – or completely new types of organism – emerge? Time and separation are the key factors.

Reflecting the Universe: building the world’s largest telescopes

For hundreds of years, telescopes have helped astronomers unravel the mysteries of the Universe. But what’s involved in making – and maintaining – the complex instruments of today?

Bioinformatics: the new ‘cabinet of curiosities’

The curation of ‘big data’ in molecular biology is changing the way scientists work.


Run your coding experiment in space

The European Space Agency’s Astro Pi Challenge gives students the chance to conduct their own science investigation on the International Space Station.


Go bananas for biochemistry

Learn about a variety of biochemical processes with these quick, simple experiments using one of the world’s favourite fruits.

Look out! The physics of road safety

Use equations of motion to work out what happened in a car crash – and learn some valuable life lessons.

Perfumes with a pop: aroma chemistry with essential oils

Have fun with organic chemistry by extracting sweet-smelling essential oils from fragrant plants.


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