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December 6, 2007 | Issue 7

Chemistry: a career catalyst

Gemma Guilera tells Montserrat Capellas about the joys of her rollercoaster approach to life. Fearlessly, she has started a new life more than once, making her home in very different European cities in the pursuit of a scientific career. Today, she faces a new challenge: motherhood.

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| Issue 7

Welcome to the seventh issue of Science in School

In our feature article, Vienna Leigh interviews Professor Lewis Wolpert, who leads a research group on the development of the embryo and is active in science communication. He shares with us his controversial ideas about belief, science education and much more. Whether you agree with him or not,…

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December 1, 2007 |

Issue 7

By Claas Wegner, Friederike Strehlke and Phillip Weber These simple but unusual life forms can be used to develop students’ understanding of life and the scientific method A plasmodium in its natural habitat Image courtesy of Frankenstoen/Wikimedia commons Moving red or yellow slime might sound…

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