Reviewing articles

To ensure that all articles in Science in School are interesting, inspiring and, above all, useful to our readers, they are reviewed by a panel of European science teachers and/or scientists depending on the content.

Joining the reviewer panel

If you are a European science teacher and would like to join the Science in School referee panel, please email us┬ádescribing your teaching experience, the subjects you specialize in and the ages of students you teach. We will contact you if we have an article that matches your expertise, and you are of course free to decline if you don’t have time.


Once we receive an article, there is a round of editorial review and revision if necessary. Then, before we accept and begin editing the article, it is sent for external review.

We try to give our referees at least two weekends to review the article. Sometimes we require a faster turnaround if the article has been submitted late and the publication date is approaching. If you are unable to review the article, please let us know ASAP so that we can ask someone else. Likewise, if you are likely to need longer than the allotted time, please let us know. This helps us manage the review process and prevents you from being sent unnecessary reminders.

Reviewing an article

In the review form (which can be downloaded below), you are asked to assess the style, level of detail and rigour of the article. You should also suggest how the article could be used by teachers and whether it could be made more appropriate for a European-wide audience.