Reviewing articles

To ensure that all articles in Science in School are interesting, inspiring and, above all, useful to our readers, they are reviewed by a panel of European science teachers.

Joining the reviewer panel

If you are a European science teacher and would like to join the Science in School referee panel, please email us describing your teaching experience, the subjects you specialise in and the ages of students you teach.


Shortly before we begin editing the articles for each issue, we send out an email to all our reviewers, asking if they have time to review articles in the next couple of months. We only send articles to those who confirm that they have time.

We try to give our referees at least two weekends to review the article. Sometimes we require a turnaround of as little as a week. If you are likely to need longer than this, please let us know.

Reviewing an article

In the review form (which can be downloaded below), you are asked to assess the style, level of detail and rigour of the article. You should also suggest how the article could be used by teachers and whether it could be made more appropriate for a European-wide audience.

If you recommend that the article is published, you should write a few paragraphs to be published together with the article. Please do not summarise the article: instead, please indicate briefly how Science in School readers could use the article. If we publish your comments, we will also mention your name and country.