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| Issue 12

A classroom in space

...European Space Agency (ESA)w1 competition ‘Take your classroom into space’. “First I found the announcement on the ESA websitew2, and a few weeks later I read it in Science in...

Ages: 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Physics, Astronomy / space

| Issue 16

Space exploration: the return to the Moon

...represent Apollo missions, yellow are NASA Surveyor missions, and red are Russian Luna spacecraft. Click to enlarge image Image courtesy of National Space Science Data Center / NASA’s Goddard Space...

Ages: 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Physics, General science, Astronomy / space, Engineering

| Issue 44

Run your coding experiment in space all hours during their space flight, preparing and running scientific experiments using computer coding. But these are no ordinary crew: we’re talking about two personified, space-hardened Astro Pi mini-computers, capable of sensing...

Ages: <11, 11-14, 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Events

| Issue 34

Space for all the sciences: the ESA teachers workshop

...about space. The European Space Agency (ESA)’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) opened its doors to share classroom activities and to enable teachers to network. The 2015 summer...

Ages: not applicable;
Topics: Events

| Issue 2

Video-clip collection of the European Space Agency

...European Space Agency Description of film Collection of astronomical clips Film producer European Space Agency Scientific subject and topic Physics and astronomy Website Purchase film webshop/webshop.php?show…

Ages: 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Resources

| Issue 21

Science teaching in space: the ESA teachers workshop

...and astronomy missions – all ready to be integrated into their science lessons. The space shuttle Atlantis lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA, on 7 February...

Ages: not applicable;
Topics: Events

| Issue 32

Out of the darkness: tweeting from space

...working as a science communicator at the Teide Observatory, I had the pleasure of accompanying space engineer Lester Waugh and Chris Draper, industrial manager at the aerospace company EADS Astrium,...

Ages: <11, 11-14, 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Profiles

| Issue 23

A voyage through space, arts and the seven seas

...Germany ESA: YouTube Space Lab – the Universe’s largest science lesson Having your science experiment performed on board the International Space Station (ISS) with the whole world watching via a...

Ages: not applicable;
Topics: News from the EIROs, Biology, Astronomy / space, Engineering