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| Issue 25

The changing face of orthodontics

Many of us have had our teeth straightened with braces. Few people know, however, that orthodontics involves a great deal of fundamental science and fast-moving technology.

Ages: 16-19;
Topics: Biology, Health

| Issue 7

Mercury: a poisonous solution

Sigrid Griet Eeckhout from the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble, France, investigates what determines the toxicity of mercury compounds – and how X-ray light is helping to solve the mystery.

Ages: 16-19;
Topics: Chemistry, Earth science

| Issue 1

The Elements of Murder: A History of Poison, By John Emsley

When is a chemistry textbook not a chemistry textbook? The answer to this riddle is The Elements of Murder: A History of Poison. Most people would think that a book about the toxicity of the elements arsenic, antimony, mercury, lead and thallium would be fairly heavy going, but this book reads more…

Ages: 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Resources