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| Issue 47

Ten things that affect our climate

Human activities continue to influence our climate on a global scale, but a number of other interlinked mechanisms also play a role.

Ages: 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Physics, Biology, Earth science

| Issue 9

Volcano Island, By David Lea and Professor Steve Sparks

If you ask Italian school students to name an active volcano in their country, they will have a wealth of names – such as Vesuvius, Etna, Stromboli and all the other Aeolian Islands – to choose from.

Ages: 11-14, 14-16, 16-19;
Topics: Resources

| Issue 1

Tracing earthquakes: seismology in the classroom

Chinese dragons that predict earthquakes? Waves of glowing jelly babies? Earthquake-proof spaghetti? Physics teachers Tobias Kirschbaum and Ulrich Janzen explain how they teach geophysics.

Ages: 16-19;
Topics: Physics, Earth science