Issue 47, 21 June 2019
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Science in School - Issue 47, 2019-06-21

Science in School - Issue 47, 2019-06-21

Welcome to the summer issue of Science in School. In this issue, you can learn about a new technology that combines light and sound, blast off to space with some simple rocket science activities, and investigate some of the pigments used in photosynthesis that also give leaves their autumn colour.

And, as the periodic table turns 150, we are delighted to add to the celebrations by highlighting some of the unsung heroines (and a few heroes) who have contributed to our knowledge of the chemical elements. We also take a look at some past designs which have been devised for the periodic system.

You can find the full issue online, and we would be pleased to hear your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter with #ScienceinSchool.

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From EIROforum, our publisher

Primary and secondary school teachers are invited to apply for the next round of teacher training workshops taking place at the e-Technology Lab in the ESA Education Training Centre in Transinne, Belgium. Over the course of the workshop, teachers will discover how robotics and automation can be used within the context of space to teach STEM subjects.