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Issue 9

Приветствую читателей девятого номера Журнала «Наука в Школе»!

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«Прежде, чем начать, мне хотелось бы отметить две вещи: половина из того, что я говорю Вам будет ошибочной; и я даже не знаю, какая это половина». Эта преамбула известного специалиста в области молекулярной биологии Ueil Schibler в его выступлении перед студентами иллюстрирует затруднительный аспект науки. Единственный способ определить, какая половина неверна, а какая правдива – опровергнуть существующие «истины» и заменить их новыми.

What killed the woolly mammoth?

Climate change is nothing new. Caitlin Sedwick describes how a computer model is helping scientists to explain the extinction of the woolly mammoth.

Volcano Island

By David Lea and Professor Steve Sparks

Reviewed by Caroline Neuberg, Guiseley School, UK

Investigating the action of urease

Anna Lorenc from the Volvox project explains the importance of the enzyme urease and presents a protocol to demonstrate urease activity in the classroom.

Just a Theory: Exploring the Nature of Science

By Moti Ben-Ari

Reviewed by Andreas Quale, Department of Teacher Education and School Development, University of Oslo, Norway

The International Space Station: a foothold in space

In the first of two articles, Shamim Hartevelt-Velani and Carl Walker from the European Space Agency take us on a trip to the International Space Station.

An Inconvenient Truth

By Al Gore

Reviewed by Bernhard Haubold, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Ploen, Germany

Meet the Gene Machine: stimulating bioethical discussions at school

Laura Strieth, Karen Bultitude, Frank Burnet and Clare Wilkinson use drama and debate to encourage young people to discuss genetics and what it means for us all. Why not join in?

Fun physics in school: students perform for students

Herbi Dreiner and Tobias Strehlau describe how a university physics show inspired a secondary-school teacher and his students to perform their own school physics show. Why not try it in your school?

Curiosity killed the cat – or did it?

Frode Skjold tells Sai Pathmanathan about some of his favourite activities to teach science in primary school.

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