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» Issue 6

Issue 6

DNA labs on the road

DNA Labs

Ever wished you could borrow a PCR machine for your lessons? And perhaps an expert to show your students how to use it? Marc van Mil introduces DNA labs that bring genomics directly to the classroom.

Results of the cover competition

By Alina Postu (aged 18)

In Issue 4, we challenged you and your students to design the cover for Science in School and were very impressed by the quality of the entries. Despite gloomy studies about decreasing interest in the sciences, there are clearly a lot of very enthusiastic and artistically gifted young scientists in Europe, supported by inspiring science teachers.

Why biodiversity research keeps its feet dry

Some biodiversity researchers do get their feet wet. For instance, in sea-grass meadows (with Posidonia) near the coast of Mallorca, Spain

Marine ecologists Iris Hendriks, Carlos Duarte, and Carlo Heip ask why – despite its importance – research into marine biodiversity is so neglected.

Teaching on ice: an educational expedition to Antarctica

Are there days when you long to get right away from the classroom? How far would you be willing to go? Eleanor Hayes talks to Phil Avery, one of four teachers who are taking a break from school to journey to the Antarctic.

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