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English, Biology

Salt of the Earth

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Prudence Mutowo can really identify with the organism she studies. After all, they have a lot in common. She told Vienna Leigh about researching a recently discovered archaeal species, Haloferax volcanii, which thrives in extreme conditions – and coming from Zimbabwe to the UK to pursue her career, Prudence is no stranger to those.

Locking the cradle

Winfried Weissenhorn’s group at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Grenoble, France, has uncovered a possible way to tackle a range of dangerous viruses –by trapping them inside their cocoons. Claire Ainsworth investigates.

Fighting an old enemy: tuberculosis

Tuberculosis isn’t something Europeans normally worry about. But the disease is re-emerging and is resistant to many of our drugs. Claire Ainsworth describes how Matthias Wilmanns and his team are trying to hold the disease back.

The great migration

Why are cells like wildebeest? Laura Spinney investigates the migration of cells and the formation of organs, using the tiny and transparent zebrafish.

Interview with Lewis Wolpert

Lewis Wolpert

Professor Lewis Wolpert discusses his controversial ideas about belief, science education and much more with Vienna Leigh from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.

Darwin’s ‘The Origin of Species’

By Janet Browne

Reviewed by Dean Madden, National Centre for Biotechnology Education, UK

Eyes on the horizon, feet on the ground: interview with Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt

Professor Tim Hunt, winner of the 2001 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, talks to Philipp Gebhardt about his passion for science, the importance of pure research, the influence of enthusiastic colleagues – and the role of serendipity in scientific discovery.

Small molecules make scents

Angelika Börsch-Haubold demonstrates the olfactory delights of organic chemistry.

Of Roman roads, train yards and inspectors: recent discoveries in RNA research

Detlev Arendt, Peer Bork and Florian Raible looking for the fastest and slowest evolvers

RNA is a crucial biological molecule that is seldom mentioned in detail in textbooks. In the first article in a series, Russ Hodge describes some exciting recent research on RNA.

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