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» Issue 17

Issue 17

Risorse educative per l’Anno Internazionale della Biodiversità (International Year of Biodiversity)


Le Nazioni Unite hanno dichiarato il 2010 Anno Internazionale della Biodiversità (IYB - International Year of Biodiversity). Ivo Grigorov, Lise Cronne e Giulia Realdon propongono per questa ricorrenza una scelta di risorse sul web per docenti e studenti.

Bioinformatik mit Stift und Papier: wie man einen phylogenetischen Stammbaum aufstellt


Bioinformatik wird üblicher weise an einem leistungsstarken Computer betrieben. Cleopatra Kozlowski jedoch verhilft uns dazu, unsere Primaten-Vorfahren zu erforschen – ausgerüstet nur mit einem Stift und Papier.

La scienza dell’umorismo secondo Allan Reiss


Uomini e donne reagiscono diversamente all’umorismo. Allan Reiss racconta la scoperta ad Eleanor Hayes.

Die Wissenschaft des Humors: Allan Reiss


Männer und Frauen reagieren unterschiedlich auf Humor. Allan Reiss erklärt Eleanor Hayes, warum dies etwas Neues ist.

L’analyse scientifique de l’humour par Allan Reiss


Les hommes et les femmes réagissent différemment à l’humour. Allan Reiss explique cette nouvelle vision des choses à Eleanor Hayes.

Blind date in the science classroom


Biology and chemistry teacher Werner Liese talks to Marlene Rau about the challenges of performing science experiments with blind and visually impaired students.

Educational resources for the International Year of Biodiversity


The United Nations has declared 2010 the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB). Ivo Grigorov, Lise Cronne and Giulia Realdon provide a collection of web resources for teachers and students on the occasion.

Science is cool... supercool


When we cool something below its freezing point, it solidifies – at least, that’s what we expect. Tobias Schülli investigates why this is not always the case.

Science on Stage: searching for the best teachers in Europe


In more than 20 European countries, teachers are sharing their inspiring teaching ideas with colleagues, students and the general public via Science on Stage. Eleanor Hayes reviews some of the recent events.

Going ballistic: modelling the trajectories of projectiles


Students often find it difficult to calculate the trajectories of projectiles. With the help of Elias Kalogirou’s model, they can be easily visualised. In addition, Ian Francis suggests further uses for the model in the classroom.

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