Bienvenido al séptimo número de Ciencia en la Escuela

Traducido por Liliana Olazar .

En nuestro artículo editorial Vienna Leigh entrevista al profesor Lewis Wolpert, quien conduce un grupo de investigación sobre el desarrollo del embrión y es un propulsor de la comunicación científica. El comparte con nosotros sus ideas controversiales sobre religión, ciencia, educación y mucho más. Tanto si están de acuerdo con él o no, ¿por qué no nos dejan sus comentarios en nuestro sitio web?

Issue 7
- 05/06/2008    

Welcome to the seventh issue of Science in School

In our feature article, Vienna Leigh interviews Professor Lewis Wolpert, who leads a research group on the development of the embryo and is active in science communication. He shares with us his controversial ideas about belief, science education and much more. Whether you agree with him or not, why not leave your comments on our website?

Issue 7
- 06/12/2007    

Welcome to the sixth issue of Science in School

In our feature article, we share with you the thoughts of Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt as he talks to Philipp Gebhardt about his passion for science, the importance of pure research, the influence of enthusiastic colleagues – and the role of serendipity in scientific discovery.

Issue 6
- 18/09/2007    

Welcome to the fifth issue of Science in School

The most exciting recent education event for me was Science on Stage, EIROforum’s international teaching festival. I enjoyed meeting many of the 500 teachers attending from 28 countries – listening to their suggestions, hearing about their experience and marvelling at their innovative teaching ideas. We have two articles in this issue to tell you more about the festival and the European Science Teaching Awards that were presented there.

Issue 5
- 06/06/2007    

Welcome to the fourth issue of Science in School

Once again, we are happy to offer you a wide range of articles written by teachers, scientists and others from nine different countries.

Issue 4
- 09/03/2007    

Welcome to the third issue of Science in School

Feedback from our readers has continued to be very positive: you’ve told us that you like the variety of articles, the informative but readable style, and the unique combination of ideas drawn from teachers and scientists across Europe. This issue, like the first two, offers a wide range of subjects and contributors: teachers, scientists, politicians and others from nine European countries cover topics as varied as bird flu, proteomics, solar fusion and what it feels like to discover your very own comet.

Issue 3
- 20/12/2006    

Вступление к первому выпуску «Науки в школе»

Мы с удовольствием представляем вам первый выпуск «Науки в школе» – журнала, разработанного с целью оживить интерес к преподаванию наук в странах Европы. Надеемся, что специально отобранные нами статьи окажутся увлекательными, познавательными и по-настоящему вдохновят вас.

Issue 1
- 04/08/2006    

Shkenca në Shkollë (Science in School)

Përkthyer nga Eris Duro.

Mirë se erdhët në numrin e parë të revistës Shkenca në Shkollë, një revistë që synon të promovojë një mësimdhënie frymëzuese të shkencave në Europë. Shpresojmë që artikujt tanë t’ju tërheqin, informojnë e, pse jo, frymëzojnë.

Issue 1
- 04/08/2006    

Introducing Science in School

Welcome to the first issue of Science in School, a journal to promote inspiring science teaching in Europe. We hope you will be fascinated, informed and indeed inspired by the articles we have chosen.

Issue 1
- 04/08/2006    

Welcome to the second issue of Science in School

Since the publication of the first issue, we have received a lot of enthusiastic feedback from our readers. Science teachers from across Europe particularly liked our innovative teaching ideas, accessible science coverage, interdisciplinary topics and European approach. And these are features that we intend to continue to offer.

Issue 2
- 20/07/2006