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English, Primary

The way of the dragon: chemistry for the youngest

By Anna Gunnarsson


In Sweden there lives a small, green dragon called Berta, who invites young children to join her adventures in Dragon Land – all of which are about chemistry.

Science in the open: bringing the Stone Age to life for primary-school pupils

By Petra Breuer-Küppers


Taking pupils out of the classroom opens up a whole range of activities for teaching young children about the natural world.

Learning through investigation: Science on Stage visit to El Roure Gros primary school

By David Lewis


The Catalan primary school El Roure Gros has a unique concept: all learning is done through experimentation and investigation. Science on Stage Germany invited eight teachers from Austria, Germany and Italy to visit the school.

The effect of heat: simple experiments with solids, liquids and gases

By Erland Andersen and Andrew Brown


From a homemade thermometer to knitting needles that grow: here are some simple but fun experiments for primary-school pupils to investigate what happens to solids, liquids and gases when we heat them.

Bread-making: teaching science in primary school

By David Lewis


Something as everyday as bread can offer a surprising spectrum of interdisciplinary teaching opportunities.

Fizzy fun: CO2 in primary school science


Marlene Rau presents some fizzy and fun activities involving carbon dioxide, developed by Chemol and Science on the Shelves.

LeSa21: primary-school science activities


Teaching science in primary school can be challenging. Astrid Kaiser and Marlene Rau describe a rich source of online materials in three languages – and highlight some activities about oil and water.

Physics in kindergarten and primary school

Werner and Gabriele Stetzenbach tell us how kindergarten and primary-school children discover the world of physics together with secondary-school students as their mentors. Why not try it in your school?

Take the weather with you

Karen Bultitude introduces a set of simple, fun and memorable demonstrations using everyday ingredients to explain meteorological phenomena.

Catch them young: university meets primary school

Teaching science at primary school can be a challenge. At La main à la pâte, Samuel Lellouch and David Jasmin send university students to support primary-school teachers. Why not try two of their activities in your classroom?

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