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Involvement in Science in School

We welcome the involvement of everyone who is interested in European science education. Below are some ways in which you might like to get involved. Feel free to contact us with other ideas (see here for full contact details).

Science teachers

For Science in School to be a success, we need the involvement of enthusiastic science teachers - at both primary- and secondary-school level.

There are many ways in which you can join and help: you can submit your own articles on teaching activities you have developed, tell us about science education projects you are involved in, join our panel of referees, write reviews of books or other resources, or translate articles from English into your native language for publication online, so that other teachers in your country can read and use them, too. See our guidelines for authors, the referee panel, book reviewers or translators.

If you're unsure if your idea for an article is suitable, email us and ask. And if you're worried about the standard of your English, don't be - if the idea is good, we're happy to help improve the English. Or why not team up with an English teacher from your school?

Do you know of a particularly inspiring colleague? Why not suggest him or her for a teacher portrait in Science in School? And if you're looking for collaboration partners, want to share your ideas or discuss with colleagues around the world, join our online discussion forum.

Finally, do tell your friends and colleagues about Science in School.


Do you enjoy communicating science not only to other research scientists, but also to the public? Would you like to try your hand at bringing teachers and students up to date on what's happening in science? We welcome good overview articles on cutting-edge developments in science, or reviews of current topics in science. So if you'd like to have a go at explaining your own research work or know of a topic that would be interesting to discuss in the classroom, we look forward to your article submission. Guidelines for authors are available here.

Alternatively, we would be glad of your help translating articles from English into your native language for online publication, to make them available to as many readers as possible. See here for details.

Do you know of a particularly inspiring colleague? Why not suggest him or her for a scientist portrait in Science in School? We're particularly looking for young scientists who do something a little out of the ordinary and/or have left academia - to illustrate the variety of careers that science opens up. And if you want to share your ideas or discuss them with science teachers around the world, join our online discussion forum.

Event organisers / science museums

If you organise events for science teachers and their students and would like to see them featured in our events calendar, please send us brief details (date, location, title, abstract, price, language, website and contact details). We also invite you to link to Science in School from your website.

If you are willing to distribute flyers about Science in School to visiting science teachers, we would be grateful. Please let us know how many copies you would like.

If you are able to distribute printed copies of Science in School (for example at conferences or teacher training events), we would also be very interested to hear from you.

Science education project organisers

Are you involved in an education project that science teachers can join, that could serve as a model for others, or that has produced innovative teaching materials? We welcome articles or information about such projects. See our author guidelines.

Alternatively, you can search for project partners in our online discussion forum.

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