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Reach over 100 000 science educators every quarter

Science in School is the only European journal aimed at secondary-school science teachers across Europe, across the full spectrum of sciences. We offer you the opportunity:

With full-colour print copies distributed right across Europe, Science in School reaches over 5000 readers every quarter. Our online articles are available in 30+ European languages - attracting over 30 000 readers from around the world, every month.

Who are our readers?

Most Science in School readers are secondary-school science teachers, but our readership also includes many scientists, teacher trainers, primary-school teachers, university staff and science communicators.

The majority of our readers come from the fields of physics, biology and chemistry, although substantial numbers are involved in maths and earth sciences.


Field of science

NB. Some readers have more than one occupation and/or are employed in more than one field.

Where does the print journal go?

We have over 3800 named subscribers from all over Europe:

Additionally, a further 1200 print copies are distributed across Europe via conferences and other events for teachers. Recent examples include:

  • Scientix European conference 2011, Brussels, Belgium
  • Science on Stage national and international events, 2006-2011, Europe-wide
  • The Association for Science Education annual conference 2011, Reading, UK
  • Fibonacci European conference 2010, Bayreuth, Germany
  • Euroscience Open Forum 2010, Turin, Italy
  • European Union Contest for Young Scientists 2010, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Danish science festival 2010, Denmark-wide

Who visits our website?

The Science in School website receives an average of

over 40 000 unique visitors every month or over 100 000 per quarter

from the following countries:

Print advertisements

Reach over 5000 science educators by advertising in the quarterly print journal.

Print advert type Price
Full page (210 x 297 mm) €745
Half page (210 x 148.5 mm) €499
Quarter page (105 x 148.5 mm) €280
Double-page spread €1295
Back cover (inside, full page) €945
Back cover (outside, full page) €995

All dimensions are given in mm and do not include bleed (5mm each side).


Put your flyers, brochures, CD-ROMs or other materials directly into the hands of your target audience. You can even target specified countries - contact us for details.

Insert type Price per thousand*
Insert glued to the front cover, whole journal wrapped in plastic €1035
Insert glued to the inside cover, no wrapping €625
Insert placed loosely between the leaves of the journal €520
Insert included in subscription envelopes** €485
Bound insert (centrefold) Contact us for details

*Prices are based on a 20 g insert; the exact price depends on the insert weight.

**Inserts are distributed to all recipients of the print journal, with the exception of inserts in subscription envelopes. These are sent only to the subscribers.

Web advertisements

Reach over 40 000 science educators worldwide every month by advertising on the Science in School website.

Choose between run-of-site banners (all pages) or home-page-only banners. All adverts on the website are exclusive: for the period you purchase, only your advert will appear in that space.

Web banner type Exposure Format (pixels) Price per month
Top header Run of site 728 x 90 €300
Right-hand banner Run of site 180 x 150 €220
Home-page banner Home page only 300 x 250 €200

Contact us to target a specific audience with a banner in a single article of your choice, or in a selection of articles (e.g. in a particular language).

Contact details

To advertise in Science in School, please contact

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